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PROVIDER DETAILS: Maui Memory Clinic

Address: (See Map)

2145 Wells St
Suite 202
Wailuku, HI 96793

Contact Information:

Phone: (808) 244-1007
Fax: (808) 442-0041

Organization Contacts:

Maile Harding
Phone: (808) 244-1007

Dr. Thomas Harding
Phone: (808) 244-1007


Maui Memory Clinic specializes in dementia assessment to determine the type of dementia (Alzheimer's, vascular, Lewy body, Frontotemporal disease, Parkinson's, mood disorder, etc.) and stages its severity level. They also provide early intervention strategies such as proper nutrition, medication, psychotherapy, etc. to help slow brain function decline. Psycho-education, nutritional counseling and psychotherapy are available for early-stage dementia patients and caregivers. Difficult issues including financial capacity or exploitation, and driving ability can be evaluated and recommendations provided. Maui Memory Clinic works with your primary care doctor or neurologist as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide the highest level of care for Maui's Kupuna. They provide free Brain-Health and wellness seminars to community organizations who want to learn more about dementia risk factors and brain games to help keep their brains healthy.

Service Categories:

Alzheimer's, Caregiver Training, Dementia, Information and Assistance Resource, Mental Health Counseling, Nutrition Counseling, Psychotherapy

Last Update Date: 03/02/2022

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