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Nursing our community to a better health!

We at Nursing Care Hawaii believe that health care is a fundamental human right. We have faith in the truism that the integrity and worth of individuals do not diminish with age, disease, or disability. These beliefs are enacted by our nurturing hands and our nursing care that always consider our patients’ gender, age, color, creed, lifestyle, and cultural background. Our health care plans reflect our deep respect for each of our patients’ choices and our celebration for lifelong independence.


Nursing Care Hawaii provides high-quality and cost-conscious in-home care services to a wide variety of individuals in Maui. We offer a vast array of personal services that may assist you or your loved ones recover from an illness or injury, regain or maintain independence, and manage your condition in the privacy and comfort of your own homes. We believe health care services received in the home setting facilitate the maintenance of functional abilities and independence and provides a much higher sense of security and dignity.

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