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Personal Care Assistant

Personal Care Assistant duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Assists with activities of daily living including personal hygiene and grooming, bathing, skincare, oral hygiene, hair care, dressing, toileting, eating, and meal preparation

  2. Assists with safety precautions

  3. Assists with household tasks that clients cannot do for themselves, like light housekeeping and laundry

  4. Assists with ambulation and transfers (e.g., assisting the client in and out of bed and/or transferring to or from a wheelchair)

  5. Assists with mobility and positioning

  6. Assists with exercise and recommended range of motion activities

  7. Reports changes in the client’s condition

  8. Takes and records client’s vital signs (when needed or assigned)

  9. Assists the client by going with them to health care visits, shopping, and other errands

  10. Spends time with the client during various activities, such as going to the park, reading, talking, or playing games

  11. Assists with simple health care routines such as reminders to take oral medication, to maintain diet restrictions, or to perform recommended exercises

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