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Nursing Care Hawaii strives to deliver quality home care, that is grounded on an evidence-based health care approach, holistic healing, and our deep respect for individual choices. We will provide our patients the personalized nursing and rehabilitative care they need and life enrichment, physically rejuvenating, and spiritually uplifting activities of their choice that aim to improve and maintain their well-being. We will celebrate the uniqueness of each individual by making sure that every health care activity will be personalized and will always consider the patient’s choice.


We will make every effort to augment Maui’s growing need for affordable and quality long-term care alternatives. We will strive to combine financial sustainability with quality care by providing innovative and compassionate health care services at a much lower cost than nationally branded and larger home health agencies.

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Our vision is grounded in our core values of CARE, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY.


We hope to provide our patients evidence-based home health care services that are centered on client-specific principles.

We plan to implement innovative but culturally sensitive health care delivery programs for our clients, employees, and contractors.

We will contribute to the health care of the Maui community by caring for those who need exceptional yet affordable nursing care and personal assistance in their home environment.

We intend to advance our staff’s skills and knowledge through health and disease-related training and education.

We will have a competitive market position in the home health care community by providing high-quality yet affordable home health care to our patients.

We will practice fiscal responsibility and endeavor to secure economic growth by pursuing advancements in knowledge and technology to improve client care, operations, and services.


We believe that health care is a fundamental human right. We also believe that the integrity and worth of individuals do not diminish with age. These beliefs are enacted by our nurturing hands and our nursing care that always consider our patients’ gender, age, color, creed, lifestyle, and cultural background. Our care plans reflect our deep respect for each of our patients’ choices and our celebration for lifelong independence.

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Rowena “Nikki” Baysa RN BSN MBA FNP-C

Owner and Director of Nursing Care Hawaii.

A compassionate and committed Family Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Florida and a Masters's Degree in Nursing from the United States University, San Diego. She is also wound care certified nurse (WOCN). She was a Registered Nurse for 33 years and has experience in emergency medicine, critical care, oncology, and infectious diseases. Most recently, she works as a Care Delivery Compliance Specialist at Maui Memorial Medical Center.


”My family has been blessed in so many ways. I started Nursing Care Hawaii as my giving back to the community of Maui. My main goal is to improve the  quality of life of our ohana, our kupuna, and all those we serve through the delivery of cost-effective clinical excellence, extraordinary service, and compassionate care.”

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