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Registered Nurses

Professional nursing services are provided in accordance with the patient’s plan of care, under the supervision of a registered nurse, and include:

• Initial and ongoing comprehensive assessments of the patient’s needs

• Initiating the plan of care and revising as necessary

• Providing those services and/or treatments requiring substantial and specialized nursing skill

• Counseling and educating the patient and

family/caregiver regarding the disease   process, self-care techniques, and prevention strategies

• Initiating appropriate preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures

• Preparing clinical and progress notes

• Coordination of services

• Referral to other services as needed

• Informing the physician and other staff of changes in the patient’s needs

• Evaluating the effectiveness and outcomes of care

• Supervising licensed practical/vocational nurses and paraprofessionals providing  services

• Assigning home health aides to specific patients

• Planning for discharge from service

• Participating in in-service programs

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