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New COVID-19 Hotline to answer some important Questions

Latest Update as of February 2022


Ever since the COVID pandemic started, most of us still have a lot of questions how to cope up with this problem. Credible informations knowing what to do, or what we need will somehow lessen our anxieties. We’ve been dealing with this for almost 2 years now and it is important that we already have the knowledge or connections to people/organizations who can help us deal with it even we’re just staying at home.

With these, the state Department of Health has launched a new hotline for people with questions about COVID-19. They can also get informations on what to do if they test positive, if they are exposed to a positive case or if they need to get a booster shot.

An automated information system, or a bot answers common questions whenever there are calls to the hotline. Callers who need additional information can ask to be transferred to hotline representatives in specific counties who will answer more detailed questions. The department encourages people to check to try and find the answer to their question before calling. Vaccination and testing options are also available on the website. To reach the hotline, call (808) 586-8332. For information specific to Maui County, visit

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