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Six Helpful Ways to Improve Memory for Seniors

Latest Update as of June 2022


Memory loss is a very common problem among seniors and their caregivers. We cannot turn back our biological clock, but the good news is there are easy ways to improve memory that can

reduce their amount of forgetting.

Here are some ways found to be helpful for Seniors.

1. Get better organized.

Car keys, for example, should ONLY be in the car, your pocket/purse, or the same place in your house. Have a place for everything, with everything in its place to make life a lot easier.

2. Make a special effort to pay attention, concentrate.

We need to work hard at filtering out distractions, such as when we open the refrigerator door and forget what we are looking for because we thought of something else before we opened the door. Seniors are especially prone to temporary memories that are erased by interruptions.

3. Eat well.

Be sure to have a balanced diet. Some research studies suggest that eating blueberries helps (especially when the stomach is empty). There is also indicative proof for memory improvement from omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid.

4. Exercise the body.

Lively aerobic exercise, if your doctor allows, can improve your circulation and possibly blood flow to the brain.

5. Exercise the memory.

Learn a new language, work cross-word puzzles or Sudoko, play chess, take music lessons. The harder you try to memorize, the easier it seems to get. Keeping your mind active with new challenges can keep your memory strong!

6. Get plenty of sleep.

Numerous studies show that the brain processes the events of the day while you sleep and incorporates them into memory. Sleep actually triggers changes in the brain that solidify memories.

Do not be frustrated with your condition, Just follow all of the healthy habits listed above and

enjoy your improved brain.

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